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Aunt Bette's Homemade Pecan Pie
Rockin’ Rocky Road Ice Cream
Tom’s Heavenly Apple Strudel
Joe’s Divine Butter Tarts


The Business Case: A once popular bakery found themselves misguided by threatening business decisions that resulted in the demise of the company. After a 4-year break from the industry, the founder decided that they wanted to return with a new vision, new mission, and a new brand but with the same quality of goods. This time around, they wanted to manage their resources better and make sound financial decisions.

The Result: The Sweet Stop is now in the process of implementing the strategic plan developed by PIC that is aligned with their business goals. To date, under the patent-pending THRiVE 2.0 service model, within 2 months they were able to acquire an astonishing amount of old clientele and a wave of new clients and business partners. Stay tuned for more PIC results.


The Business Case: An aspiring real estate investor and property owner was interested in helping families secure homes that fit that their financial and comfort of living needs.  It was the property investor’s desire to create single family home environment experiences that would leave the families feeling safe, secure and stable. It was his mission to not only help them secure a temporary home, but to invest in his tenants to help them build up the independence to one day purchase their own home.


The Result: The birth of Family First Property Management was established with a mission to provide quality style living that is modern, provides comfort, and offers an inviting feeling to each family. To date, families are enjoying the elements of quality living, they have a piece of mind, and they are excited about their decision about Family First Property Management services and style of property management. PIC has guided Family First Property Management in helping their tenants feel like it’s more than management, it’s family.

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